The Osaka based company, Air Water, has released promising 2009 year-end financial results.
During the period ending 31st March 2010, the company achieved sales of ¥426,357 m, equating to 95% of the previous year.
Similarly, operating profit grew by 109.4% on 2008, reaching ¥28,202 m, while working profit also increased by 104.1% to ¥29,020 m. Likewise, net profit rose by 109.7% to ¥13,916m.
In a press statement, the company reported particular improvements from the second quarter onwards. Air Water attributed this to positive ramifications of economic policies, improved adjustment of inventories, and increased exports. Steady progress was also credited to the success of the midterm business plan, ‘Renovation 330’.
Nevertheless, the group describe conditions which “remained severe” regarding capital spending, construction related demand, and business activity in outlying local areas.