The push towards fuel cell commercialisation has taken a step forward with the announcement of a 40-vehicle fleet demonstration program for a hybrid fuel cell powered scooter.

The award is from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economics to Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies and the programme will attempt to validate hybrid fuel cell / Li ion battery power technology and its application to a scooter. It will also demonstrate hydrogen supply, storage and distribution technology and validate the metal hydride based hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cell scooters.

Dr. Jefferson Yang, chairman of APFCT, said: “We are gratified that APFCT and our team member’s years of focused efforts to develop the fuel cell scooter and fuelling infrastructure have been confirmed by the Taiwan government.

“Fleet demonstration is a necessary step in taking the fuel cell from laboratory to the consumer market. In addition, government participation is a crucial factor towards successful fuel cell commercialisation. Taiwan is a world leader in gasoline ICE scooter manufacture and we hope this demonstration program will significantly contribute towards maintaining Taiwan’s global technology leadership in scooters and fuel cells in general.”

Other organisations involved in the project include the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taigene Electric Machinery Corporation and Automotive Research and Testing Centre. The total proposed program budget is more than US $4.6 million.