ROPLAST, designer and manufacturer of pipeline-cleaning tools, is harnessing the unique cleaning power of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate thanks to Huntsman Polyurethanes. The duo promise to extend lifetime of industrial gas pipeline networks, whilst also reducing operating costs.

Dr Michael Magerstädt, Corporate Manager Marketing Industry General at ROPLAST, described the route taken to this latest alliance: “We have been creating polyurethane-based elastomers for many years but were looking for an additional MDI supplier that could partner with us on projects moving forward.$quot;

He added, $quot;ROPLAST, a member of the ROSEN group, is a large company with a global presence. We like to build lasting relationships with suppliers who have similar capabilities and Huntsman Polyurethanes had all the right credentials. We added the team to our list of suppliers for two reasons; the technical support they offer and their willingness to assist us on R&D programs.”

Thanks to the latest alliance, the duo has created a new line of non-cellular, polyurethane-based, hot cast elastomers. Already, the industrial grade plastic is being used as a core component in ROPLAST’s cleaning pigs. The devices are especially designed to cope with the complex pipelines associated with industrial gases. According to the firm, the new units are able to travel hundreds of miles inside pipeline networks, and using their brushes and magnets, gather-up surplus dirt, ferrous debris or liquid.

Added benefits:
ROPLAST cleaning products were the first to comply with EU legislation regarding equipment used in explosive environments (ATEX).

Modern devices offer a variety of sized cleaning pigs which in turn, navigate pipes of any length and diameter

Elastomers based on MDI from Hunstman promise to offer high levels of resistance versus abrasion, thermal, hydrolytic and chemical resistance. Moreover Huntsman solutions provide good tensile resistance, good elasticity and a wide temperature operating range.