If APT could gift one of its industrial gas products to someone this Christmas, the Italian company would choose its XGAS® Software.

Explaining the reasons behind this choice, Matteo Lombardi, Marketing & Sales Manager at APT, said, “In a gas manufacturing plant, there are many gas analysers to handle and maintain. XGAS® Software can help the operations team stay on top of their responsibilities in this regard. Also, Inspections and audits, especially in the medical market, are becoming more and more prevalent. XGAS® Software helps to ensure data integrity.”

“Truly speaking, this type of data collection effort should not be done on a manual basis. And by simplifying these daily tasks, the operations team will now have an opportunity to be more productive by focusing on other, equally important, plant requirements.”

So, how does this product work?

The software is the interface between the operator, the gas analysers, the gas sample lines and the company’s ERP, Lombardi explained, adding, “It’s very easy to use. It makes complex work easier for the plant operators.”

“The most important thing XGAS® does is to handle the gas sample line. You will just need to select the desired sample line from the touchscreen, and it will enable all the pneumatics behind, ensuring you that the values it will show you - in few seconds - are the real ones.”

“Then, if the values are within your specifications, you can generate the lot number and finally issue the certificate with your company logo.”

“The interface is modular and it is composed by JOBs (the gas you are going to measure). Every JOB is a ‘page’ inside XGAS® where you will see all the data of that specific measure. Nothing can be easier and no mistakes can happen!”

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How might the “every day” person use this?

“The technical operator knows what it means to do all the above operations in a manual way,” Lombardi said. “In the control of a complex analysis system, which is typically composed of many instruments, with different features and tasks, the operator must be thoroughly trained to handle the whole system. These operations require lot of time and effort. There is no more time for that.”

“XGAS® Software facilitates the utilisation of the analytic system. It works with specific routines that help to remove systematic mistakes during the measurement process as well as to ensure compliance with actual regulations.”

Lombardi said technicians are not the only group who will benefit from XGAS®. The software is also extremely beneficial for quality managers during their inspections and audits, who can easily demonstrate that all data is perfectly traceable, safely stored (Data Integrity) and not manipulated.

Has this product been updated or modified to meet the changing needs of the market?

“New regulations and new functionalities are the key reasons that drive us to generate a new Software revision,” Lombardi replied. “Our customer will receive these updates for free in the latest version purchased.”

“One important milestone has been the remote service: once given the necessarily clearance, we can directly access our customer’s software and solve most of their common troubles while guiding the operator’s local activities.”

“Our goal, with each new implementation, is to reduce - as much as possible – analyser and/or process downtime. This is very important for us, and our client’s, as we recognise that time is money!”

The last two projects APT has worked on are:

- ERP integration: XGAS® is now able to share the analysis data with the most popular software management systems available on the market.

- Run XGAS® on a tablet: Now the user can have a simplified interface, specifically designed for tablets, that allows the operator to walk inside, while getting real time data.