As the countdown to Christmas begins, demand for manufacturers around the world continues to grow as many strive to present loved ones with a thoughtful gift to celebrate the holidays.

In celebration of this year’s festivities, gasworld will investigate some alternative gifts by speaking to those immersed in the industrial gases business, as part of its Stocking Filler series. Throughout the course of the month, we will speak to experts and ask them which of their products they would gift as a stocking filler if they could.

First up is RIX Industries, a California-based manufacturer of high-pressure pneumatics and transfer solutions, including reciprocating compressors, gas generators and liquefiers for a wide range of military and commercial applications. 

A specialist in oil-free technology and high-pressure solutions for demanding environments, the company has been supporting both military and commercial customers for over 120 years and most recently played a crucial role in delivering medical oxygen compressors to those in need during the height of Covid-19.

Speaking to Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer at RIX Industries, gasworld asked if the company could gift just one of its products to someone this Christmas, what would it be? 

“Wow, that’s a tough one,” Reid said. “If I had to make a choice, I’d go with our newest technology platforms, our Methanol-to-Hydrogen Generator System. Who doesn’t want a source of clean energy that will be a major part of our future sustainable energy ecosystem?” 


A brand-new innovation for RIX and a very apt gift for someone who cares a lot about the environment, the M2H2 Hydrogen Generator takes a methanol-based feedstock and produces pure hydrogen. To do this, the generator, also referred to as a steam reformer, heats up the methanol mixture, vaporises it and creates high-purity hydrogen.

The vapor goes through a catalyst and then a purifier where the methanol is broken down into its components, one of which is hydrogen. By the time the gas exits the purifier it is 99.97% pure hydrogen – all with only two moving parts, a pump and a fan.

“With the entire world interested in reducing greenhouse gases, we find that there are many applications for a clean and quiet energy source,” Reid continued.

“Take for instance, our reliance on gas or diesel generators that we keep in our garage just in case extreme weather knocks out the local electrical grid. Have you ever heard the noise generated by an entire neighbour running gasoline or diesel generators? ”

“Now imagine what it would be like if you had one of RIX’s M2H2 Hydrogen Generators coupled to a fuel cell. I’m talking virtually silent power generation with no noxious exhaust fumes or harmful emissions.”

“Another application would be cellular phone tower back-up power. When the grid goes down, so do the cell phone towers, unless they have back-up power systems. Relying on diesel generators is not sustainable from an environmental and reliability standpoint. Diesel fuel has a short shelf life, only 6-8 weeks before it has to be replaced. It also has to be heated in cold weather environments.”

“The methanol feedstock we use can be kept at any ambient temperature for long periods of time without degradation. We also see the folks in the marine industry using our hydrogen generators for ship or shore power.”

With an array of applications and making its entrance to the market as the world strives to reduce its carbon emissions, arguably more now than ever before, this Christmas gift from RIX Industries couldn’t come at a better time.

“The product is set to be part of the global green energy economy,” Reid continued. “Everyone from the President-elect of the US to the everyday Joe or Jane driving around in a hybrid or electric vehicle is talking about meeting the near and far term requirements for reducing fossil fuels and creating a more sustainable future.”

“We are very excited to add hydrogen gas generation to our portfolio of other gas generation products. We believe by providing onsite/on-demand hydrogen generation from a readily available feed stock, we can change the world and do our part to create a cleaner future.”