Afrox secures accreditation; expands calibration gas market reach

South African gases company and member of Linde plc Afrox has achieved ISO 17025:2017 accreditation, allowing it to serve a broader range of industries, including medical laboratories, environmental, construction, power suppliers, automotive, and materials and chemicals sectors.

Regulations dictate that accredited calibration gases must be used for emissions detection instrument calibration and ISO 17025:2017 certifies that Afrox’s laboratory consistently produces ‘valid and reliable’ results for calibration gas mixtures. 

Marius Kruger, Senior Director of PGP & Healthcare at Afrox, stated, “This accreditation will allow Afrox to penetrate new markets and offer superior products and services than currently available in South Africa.” 

The move also opens up competition in the calibration gases sector, providing greater choice for customers.

Daniel Kriel, Afrox’s Head of Sales Management PGP Compressed, explained that the accreditation enables the analysis of a broader range of substances at concentrations as low as one part per million, ensuring the safety and accuracy of calibration gas mixtures.

Calibration gases

A calibration gas is a reference standard used to adjust and verify the accuracy of gas detection instruments, ensuring their reliable performance. It typically contains known concentrations of specific gases or mixtures, allowing users to calibrate and fine-tune their instruments to detect hazardous substances in industrial, environmental, or medical settings. 

Calibration gases are vital for maintaining the precision and reliability of gas detectors used for safety, emissions monitoring, and scientific analysis, providing confidence in the accuracy of measurement results.

“The ISO 17025:2017 accreditation will enhance customer confidence and satisfaction with our products and accreditation scope being larger than what is offered in the market,” he added.

Afrox has invested over R25 million ($1.3m) in enhancing its capabilities, including an automated gravimetric filling plant, upgraded analytical equipment, and laboratory facilities to meet industry requirements.

Following an Approval Committee meeting held on 18th October, 2023, SANAS confirmed the accreditation, stating it had been granted in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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