Connecting the dots in compression and energy with BAUER Compressors

Since its introduction to the US market in 1976, BAUER Compressors has been – and continues to be – the industry leader in high-pressure reciprocating gas compressor solutions.

Over many decades, BAUER has established a broad range of industrial gas compressors across a wide landscape of applications. From its helium recovery and nitrogen generation units to its rapidly growing biogas compression line, BAUER offers unique solutions to specific gases. And with such a rapidly shifting economic, societal and industrial landscape today, there couldn’t be a better time to provide such a range of technologies.

Applications continue to evolve, and the Covid-19 pandemic has actively shaped the supply chain across so many industries, while current product shortages and major events around the world demonstrate the vulnerability in certain gases and related equipment. Against the backdrop of all of this, the global energy transition continues to gather momentum and place whole new demands on gases, fuels, infrastructure and equipment.

Through its vertically integrated manufacturing model, and its committed team of experienced engineers and applications specialists, BAUER maintains the ability to customise its gas compressors to fit all individual needs.

Its gas compressor systems are designed for minimal oil blowby, heat dissipation, and optimisation to ensure the most efficient and reliable system possible – and the company is eager to introduce a few of the many types of gas compressor system solutions it offers here.

Helium systems

BAUER’s air and water-cooled helium compressors can be used in various environments and applications. The multi-stage (3, 4, and 5 stage) reciprocating gas compressor systems can provide final pressures of rare gases up to 5,000 and 6,000 psig, with available flow rates of 3 SCFM (70 l/min) to 645 SCFM (18,000 l/min).

This allows BAUER to meet the need of almost any rare gas application. The company provides helium recovery solutions for cryogenic research in national labs and universities, as well as helium products for particle accelerators, nuclear medicine, military missile applications, commercial merchant gas filling plants, heliostat and tethered aerostat applications, and more.

BAUER water-cooled gas compressor systems do not require an external source of water (nor associated cooling towers). These water/glycol systems are closed-loop, and integrated into the overall package. Water-cooled systems offer notably high flows, a complement to BAUER’s line of air-cooled helium systems. Higher flow systems are commonly used in helium mining, and can include outdoor enclosures and hazardous zone capabilities.


Source: BAUER Compressors

Source: BAUER Compressors

In recent years, BAUER has increased its focus on larger-scale systems for various gases and applications. Its product range is capable of pressures as high as 6,000 psig, and output capacities as high as 612 scfm, depending on available supply pressures. The company also has a unique line of high-pressure boosters, the GIB Series, which can accept very high inlet pressures (as much as 217 psig) without secondary pressure reduction, ideal for pairing with both merchant-supplied gas and/or self-generation systems. Each part of its large-scale systems are designed and manufactured in-house by BAUER itself.

Nitrogen systems

BAUER’s gas compressor technology can generate pressures up to 7,000 psig (482 bar), and deliver output capacities up to 866 scfm (1,472 m3/hr), while the company also has a complete range of boosters that can accept inlet/suction pressures as high as 189 psig (13 bar) and provide significantly increased volumetric output.

For practically any gas that can safely be compressed to these pressures and flow rates, BAUER has a potential solution.

BAUER also offers a complete range of nitrogen generation systems that use both air separation membranes and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technologies, to achieve quality levels which rival the purity of cryogenic nitrogen. Its modular designs are created for flexibility, and can be integrated into many configurations for both high-pressure nitrogen and low-pressure nitrogen (where the customer has a sufficient inlet air supply). For any customers interested in generating their own point-of-use nitrogen, BAUER can provide solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of needs (from 5% oxygen content all the way to 10 ppm (parts-per-million) oxygen content).


Source: BAUER Compressors

Source: BAUER Compressors

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed unusual strain on labour availability and supply chains, particularly with merchant suppliers for cryogenic and bulk nitrogen. Coupled with technological advancements and rising supply costs, the demand for high pressure nitrogen has reached historically high levels. BAUER has invested significant resources to develop a complete range of nitrogen compressors, boosters, and generation systems for its customers.

Moreover, BAUER Compressors is renowned for its ability to develop specific solutions for complex projects. For any requirement that falls within its stated capabilities, the company can develop a ready-made solution that meets and exceeds customer requirements.

And from a US company perspective, as we navigate towards a post-pandemic world, the clear long-term trend is to bring back as much manufacturing capacity to the domestic US market as possible. This will only serve to sustain demand for nitrogen applications, as it is one of (if not the most) popular gas for industrial and manufacturing processes.

CNG, RNG, and biogas systems

Many public and private companies face enormous pressure from environmental activists, the community, and investors/shareholders to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As a result, more and more businesses that emit GHGs are becoming concerned for their negative public image and future long-term viability.

Many companies have turned to capturing biogas from landfills, dairies, and wastewater facilities. This not only eliminates methane emissions into the atmosphere, but biogas can also be a means for companies to fulfill increasingly tough regulations (while even, in some cases, finding a source of additional revenue).

BAUER provides flexibility with a range of customisable compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG)/biogas solutions. To date, it has completed over 100 compressor installations in biogas upgrades, and over 2,000 successful installations in CNG applications. CNG and RNG technology can also be applied for natural gas vapoyr recovery from oil and gas sites, as well as gas boosting for turbine power generation.


Source: BAUER Compressors

Source: BAUER Compressors

BAUER’s biogas compressors stand out due to the oil-flooded single-stage EVOTM rotary screw compressors, manufactured by BAUER’s Rotorcomp® division. It offers variable speed control of the compressors to modulate the flow of biogas based on the incoming supply (VF drive located remotely from skid as defined by Class 1, Div 2 code requirements per NEC NFPA70), as well as PLC control of all major system components. The compressors are run by heavy-duty TEFC electric motors, resting on durable stainless steel construction of all piping and major P&ID components, and built on a heavy-duty steel skid designed for plug-and-play installation.

Systems for rare inert gases

BAUER has long been the industry leader in the high-pressure rare gas compressor market.

The company has offered systems specifically designed and tested for the compression of rare gases for over 30 years. By working closely with several large gas suppliers, government entities, and laboratories, BAUER is able to innovate and develop one of the most reliable gas tight compressor systems in the industry, suitable for gas mixtures such as neon, xenon, and argon.

A vertically integrated, world-class manufacturer

Whether for small-volume or for very large volume requirements, BAUER has an established solution for most gas compression applications and processes.

What sets BAUER apart – and ahead – of its competition, is a commitment to quality and after-sales support. As a 100% vertically integrated enterprise, BAUER takes great pride in being a world-class manufacturer; it’s a big part of the reason why its products have a reputation for performance and reliability.


BAUER has been the world’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure compressors and integrated compression systems for over 75 years.

A global company that operates through 21 wholly-owned local subsidiaries and over 600 local distributor partners worldwide, BAUER products compress a variety of gas mediums such as air, nitrogen, methane, biogas, and CO2, as well as exotic specialty gases such as helium, argon, neon, krypton, and xenon.

Visit www.bauercomp.com to see how the company can fit your needs.

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