For hydrogen to be clean all three pillars must be implemented together
For hydrogen to be clean all three pillars must be implemented together

Don’t deviate on three hydrogen pillars warns Air Products VP

Any deviation from the three hydrogen ‘pillars’ will set the world on a perilous path and slow down decarbonisation, Air Products Vice President, Hydrogen has warned.

While Eric Guter “applauded” US Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed guidance for imposing strict standards for the 45V hydrogen tax credit – believing it should deliver real and verifiable emissions reductions from day one – he warned governments and industry not to fudge ‘the big three’ issues relating to electricity generation, resource allocation and creating a clean power level playing field.

He said Air Products strongly supports hourly matching of electricity with hydrogen production, starting in 2028.

Air Products VP Hydrogen Eric Guter

“Hourly matching is critical to assuring that grid emissions won’t increase from electricity generation associated with new hydrogen production. This pillar ensures that we do not ramp up fossil-based power production to support hydrogen production and exacerbate – rather than reduce – emissions,” he said.

The Tier One company also strongly supports incrementality of clean electricity from the outset.

Incrementality is needed to ensure there is “no shuffling” of renewable power resources between existing end users of power and new clean hydrogen production facilities and that we do not adversely impact grid power pricing.

“The incrementality pillar ensures that every new molecule of hydrogen production is generated by new clean electrons that we add to the grid,” he said.

His comments echo those of CEO Seifi Ghasemi last month, who said green electricity for hydrogen “must be additional” (click here).

The industrial gases major also supports the requirement for deliverability based on the regions identified in the proposed regulations.

“We must ensure that clean power generated in a region is actually delivered to clean hydrogen projects. Without this pillar, grid emissions may go down in one region but up in another, negating a project’s effects, and increasing local grid congestion,” he said.

For hydrogen to truly be clean, all three pillars must be implemented together, added Guter.

“Any deviation from the three pillars will set us on a perilous path and slow down, rather than accelerate, decarbonisation. It will also unfairly disadvantage compliant projects, which Air Products is proving are possible.

“We have the opportunity with proper implementation to cement the US’ global climate leadership. A robust US hydrogen market will require (it is) able to export clean hydrogen to our allies around the globe, including the European Union. This will ensure the US will be part of a globally harmonised clean hydrogen certification system, important for global energy trade and broader market lift-off.”

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