gasworld’s Helium Super Summit 2023 is ready to launch

Today marks the start of gasworld’s Helium Super Summit 2023, held at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas. The event will see more than 400 delegates in attendance, representing more than 100 companies, for what should be a dynamic three days.

The event is one of the biggest that gasworld has ever held in North America and comes at a time when helium activity is busier than ever, with a huge amount of learning and news for participants to assimilate, alongside some excellent networking.

There is a degree of uncertainty in the helium market in 2023, but also emerging opportunities, as the sessions will explore. Among other dynamics, there is a ‘gold rush’ underway to find more helium, especially in North America but with activity on five continents. With demand looking like it will remain ahead of supply in the years ahead,  this has given rise to some innovative helium extraction and production moves.

Questions are likely to be addressed include:

  • What does the big picture look like in helium for the next five years, both in North America and around the world?
  • What will happen next in global helium markets? What does the next 12 months have in store?
  • What is the role for new helium exploration, and where are there ‘shovels in the ground’ that are likely to deliver?
  • How hot is the helium demand heatmap, and where will gaps need to be filled?
  • Where are the parallel opportunities emerging in equipment and technologies? How much untapped helium supply is still out there, and could it be found and unlocked more easily over time through innovation and new technologies?
  • How will the Russia–Ukraine situation continue to impact the global picture?

Speakers who will present in the first session of the summit include Walter Nelson of Air Products, Antoine Mazas of Air Liquide, Maura Garvey of Intelligas Consulting, and Melanie Barnes of Bureau of Land Management. In the second session, speakers will include Phil Kornbluth of Kornbluth Helium Consulting, Anish Patel of ExxonMobil, Nick Snyder of North American Helium, and Brent Ziegler of Progress Through Technology.

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