Green hydrogen pioneer Lhyfe in landmark offshore deal

Green and renewable hydrogen producer Lhyfe has reached a partnership agreement with Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port, a move that could ramp-up large-scale green hydrogen production in the offshore renewable sector and advance the energy transition on the Loire Estuary.

Having launched the 1MW (megawatt) Sealhyfe – the world’s first offshore renewable hydrogen production pilot – in the Saint Nazaire dock basins in September, the new deal will see the partners combining their efforts to explore the establishment of an offshore hydrogen production supply chain.

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The collaboration also aims to identify port areas and facilities capable of accommodating R&D prototypes, in addition to the industrial requirements for the construction of necessary equipment and infrastructure to support large-scale hydrogen development.

Calling the development of offshore hydrogen production the ‘next major challenge’ for the company, Matthieu Geusné, CEO and Founder of Lhyfe, explained that the collaboration will help accelerate the development of solutions that make it possible to decarbonise mobility and industry on a ‘massive scale’, in all coastal regions.

Nantes – Saint Nazaire seaport.

The new agreement builds upon the France-based multinational’s existing projects, including a renewable hydrogen production facility that uses water electrolysis. According to the company, by ramping up R&D as close as possible to energy sources at sea, by 2030 – 2035 the offshore sector could represent additional installed capacity of 3GW for Lhyfe.

France’s fourth largest seaport, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port sees annual traffic of about 30 million tonnes. With a focus on clean energy, the Port Authority aims to make Nantes – Saint Nazaire the first major port facility for hydrogen on France’s Atlantic Seaboard.

“Over the course of several years now, energy transition has become a reality at the Port of Nantes – Saint Nazaire,” commented Olivier Trétout, Chair of the Management Board of Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port.

“We are confronted by climate and energy challenges that require us to speed up our actions and to rapidly identify new solutions.”

Proclaiming green hydrogen as a ‘sector of the future’, Trétoit added that the Port has the credentials to be a major port facility for the ‘accommodation’ of the hydrogen sector.

“The partnership agreed with Lhyfe constitutes an essential first stage in the process of identifying the requirements of the large-scale deployment of renewable hydrogen production.”

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