Gulf Helium Services commemorates a decade of service in the helium industry
Gulf Helium Services commemorates a decade of service in the helium industry

Gulf Helium Services marks 10th anniversary

Gulf Helium Services (GHS) recently marked its 10th anniversary with an event at the company’s facility in Ras Laffan west side support Services area, next to one of the largest liquefaction and helium production facilities globally.

The ceremony was attended by Chairmen from the company’s three shareholders, Fahad MF Buzwair, Chairman of Buzwair Holding, Mr. Hiroshi Majima, President of Iwatani Corporation, and Kyo Onojima, President & CEO of LNG Japan Corporation, as well as leading representatives from Qatar and key customers.

In his address, Buzwair underlined its commitment to expanding maintenance and logistics. He said, “Plans are underway for an additional maintenance facility, with GHS actively seeking extra land adjacent to our current operations.

“Moreover GHS is exploring the feasibility of installing a Helium liquefier, a transformative addition that will enhance our container cool-down capabilities and maintenance capacities. This strategic move is poised to contribute significantly to the seamless supply of Helium from Qatar.”

GHS was established in 2013 as a Qatari joint venture between Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories of Qatar, Iwatani Corporation of Japan and LNG Japan.

During the last decade, it has specialised in Helium-related services, becoming the first company to be established in Qatar for Liquid Helium ISO containers maintenance (which began in 2014), transfilling of Liquid and Gaseous Helium and Helium ISO containers Logistics, spread over an area of 23,000 sqm. By 2017, it had handled its 1,000th container.

A Containers Mobile lifting system was introduced in 2018, and 1,000 trips completed to Hamad Port a year later. QE LNG tanker periodic inspections were introduced in 2020 and an APCI Contract for Maintenance and Logistics signed in 2021. In 2022, Container Cooldown Services were launched and parking spaces expanded for helium containers.

Transfilling and Supply of Liquid Helium ranges from 100 L to 400 L and more in specialised Dewars monitored and maintained by experts. Supply of gaseous Helium is available in different grades of purities, ranging from Balloon grade up to ultra-high purity grade 6.0 (99.9999%) at a filling pressure of up to 300 bar in various cylinders capacities.

Gaseous Helium is supplied in different quads combinations of 12, 16, 48 and 64 cylinders quads as well as tube trailers and bulk gas shipping containers.

GHS can produce diverse concentrations of Heliox and diving gases in different capacities up to 300 bar of filling pressure.

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