H2 View’s Class of H2 training series gets underway in October 2023

The start of H2 View’s Class of H2 series of training modules is just three weeks away, offering a chance for those transitioning to and exploring the hydrogen industry to be brought up to speed on the fundamentals.

Getting underway on October 2, 2023, delivered by sbh4 consulting’s Stephen B. Harrison, the Class of H2 interactive modules will provide a masterclass of hydrogen knowledge and expertise, either through individual classes or as a part of a training package.

Aimed at business leaders, on the ground technicians and investors alike, the series will allow participants to build their knowledge of hydrogen, challenge thinking and critique business models, sharpen knowledge of the molecule, and know more about the sector they’re operating in.

Across numerous reports unveiled in recent months, the consensus is clear: urgent training is required to secure a workforce with the skills to enable a hydrogen industry that can play a role in meeting Net Zero.

A World Hydrogen Leaders report in June (2023) said skilled hydrogen professionals were in short supply, picking up on a US 2019 study which forecast 42 new occupations would emerge in the hydrogen industry, stressing the need for new skills and education.

Similarly, a report by Cogent Skills suggested that the current UK hydrogen sector workforce represents just 5% of what is needed for 2030.

Class of H2 is designed to tackle just those issues and disrupt the complacency in hydrogen awareness and understanding.

“We’re increasingly hearing – and writing – about the skills haps in hydrogen and other nascent clean energy sectors, and the sheer scale of the challenge that we’re up against in closing those gaps, so H2 View is delighted to launch this dynamic new training platform,” said H2 View’s Content Director, Rob Cockerill.

From each training module, attendees can expect:

  • 90 minute masterclass
  • 30 minute audience Q&A per module (moderated)
  • 30 minute commercial case study and Q&A (moderated)
  • Paper/slide deck of core training module provided (digitally) to all participants post session

The inaugural Class of H2 series of training modules will get underway with:

  • Hydrogen 101: An introduction to hydrogen and the hydrogen value chain
  • An introduction to hydrogen derivatives: e-fuels and green ammonia
  • Electrolysis, reforming and gasification: Key pathways for low-carbon and green hydrogen production
  • Turquoise hydrogen technologies, methane pyrolysis and solid carbon
  • Biomass as a pathway to green and low-carbon hydrogen
  • High-capacity underground hydrogen storage for energy and power balancing

Cockerill continued, “Class of H2 is yet another sign of us continuing to deliver against our aims at H2 View to not only be the champion of hydrogen but also to provide the critical thinking, learning and analysis that will challenge and advance the potential of a hydrogen society.”

More information about the training modules and how to book can be found here. You can also reach out to the Class of H2 team at H2 View at +44 1872 225031 or [email protected].

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