Haier appoints new European A2W and heat pump product leader

Global air conditioning solutions specialist Haier has appointed Richard Sherlock as its new European Air to Water (A2W) and Heat Pump Product Leader.

Equipped with ‘extensive experience’ working in the heating and cool sector, including the past 15 in the heat pump market, Sherlock aims to apply his knowledge in a ‘hands-on’ capacity on behalf of Haier across Europe.

Richard Sherlock

“I have no doubt that these are exciting times for Haier HVAC and there are some big announcements to come,” he said. “The company will be rolling out new and innovative products in the months ahead. With energy saving firmly in the mindset of installers and end users this is set to be a busy year.”

According to GM Insights, Europe’s A2W heat pump market size exceeded $2.5bn in 2019 and annual installation is anticipated to exceed 690,000 units by 2016.

“It is no secret that the A2W market is booming, mainly as it is viewed as a key element to the successful move to a carbon neutral future for domestic heating,” said Bob Cowlard, General Manager at Haier European HVAC.

The UK market is still in the early days of development with usage being driven by legislation rather than real customer demand.”

In its year financial report released in April 2022, Haier’s global sales revenue reached a record $33.5bn, an increase of 15.8% year-on-year. Its Europe market reached $2.9bn, up 20% year-on-year.

According to Cowlard, Sherlock’s role will not only include leading the development of a product focused upon UK needs but also the full support package, including training, application, after sales service and app development.

The new hire’s focus on heat pumps coincides with a target established by the UK government last year (2022) to increase annual heat pump installation numbers from around 30,000 before 2020 to 600,000 by 2028.

“In recent years heat pumps have risen from a niche product to what will surely be a must-have mass market commodity,” explained Cowlard. “Haier is relatively new to the UK heat pump market and having the opportunity to have an influence on product direction at this time is really inspiring.”

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