HyTerra gets the green light to drill for hydrogen and helium in Kansas

HyTerra has received a permit from the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) to kick-start drilling for hydrogen and helium at its flagship Nemaha project in Kansas.

Specifically, the Australian exploration and production company will be drilling the Sue-Duroche-3 well. The well is 200 meters north of the Sue Duroche-2 well, which was drilled in 2009 and reported up to 92% hydrogen and up to 3% helium.

Avon McIntyre, Executive Director of HyTerra, said the permit is a crucial milestone.

He added, “The diversity of geological plays within our 100% owned and operated leases allows us to rank several independent hydrogen and helium prospects for the company’s upcoming exploration programme.”

“That means we can drill the highest-ranked ones first. Additionally, after an extensive review, we are assessing multiple vendors for drilling and other operational services for the Q3 2024 drilling programme.”

HyTerra’s Nemaha project is linked to several potential off takers, which are connected locally and regionally by railways and roads.

Back in March, HyTerra said it hoped to raise A$6.1m for its hydrogen and helium drilling programme. The raised capital will help fund additional geophysical data acquisition, resource evaluations, project generation, prospect evaluation, and commercialisation plans.

Speaking to gasworld US earlier this year, Ben Mee, Executive Director of HyTerra’s Natural Hydrogen business, said the nascent natural hydrogen industry is moving fast today, with lots of interest from investors and the prospect of real progress over the next 12 months.

“We have reached an interesting juncture,” he said. “While natural hydrogen is in its very early stages, the technology, processes, and skills required are already available in the mature oil and gas industry. This will support safe, efficient, and data-driven delivery.”

But Mee added that to make a “fundamental shift” with natural hydrogen from here required creativity and courage.

“It is those who are willing to test their creative hypotheses that will make key breakthroughs and unlock tremendous value. We are seeing this play out now,” he said.

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