Live on Wednesday: In conversation with… gasworld Business Intelligence

With the imminent launch of its Global Overview Report dissecting the industrial gases business in 2022, get a rare inside track with the gasworld Business Intelligence team on the industrial gas year that was – and what’s still to come – in a webinar coming to your screens on Wednesday 20th September.

On Wednesday 20th September, gasworld.TV hosts Rob Cockerill and Thomas Dee, will be joined by gasworld’s Data Analyst, Keelan Butler, to discuss and answer questions surrounding the Global Overview Report.

Compiled by gasworld Business Intelligence, the Global Overview Report 2022 provides readers with an easily digestible general overview of the market for the past year, in addition to a forecast for the next five years.

The report provides readers with a global perspective of the industrial gases market in 2022, from exploring the market size in revenue terms and year-on-year growth for nine macro-regions, to gas company activity and market splits by supply mode, gas type and end-user.

It also includes a three-scenario forecast up to 2027 and a data dashboard for each section featuring graphical illustrations indicating the market split by gas company, supply mode, gas type and end-user.

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Speaking ahead of the webinar, gasworld Business Intelligence’s Keelan Butler, said, “This webinar will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our freshly renewed global report.”

“Producing this report has been an exciting challenge and has allowed us share our deep dive into the entire industrial gas market.”

To learn more about the Global Overview Report 2022 and to take advantage of an exclusive limited-time pre-sale offer, click here.

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