Live on Friday: In conversation with Pulsar Helium

The helium sector will be in the spotlight this Friday (8th September) when Minnesota (US)-based Pulsar Helium will sit down ‘In Conversation With’gasworld to discuss its own history and ongoing projects within the ever-tumultuous world of helium.

During the webinar, helium explorer and developer Pulsar will provide an exclusive update on the upcoming appraisal well in Minnesota – a new discovery that flowed 10.5% helium, in addition to allowing viewers to learn more about the company through an explanation of its history and an introduction to its staff.

This aligns with the company’s stated aim to bring clarity to an ‘otherwise opaque and little-known commodity’. Commonly associated with its use in balloons, helium is essential for important applications in science and technology – a fact that Pulsar intends to bring to the fore.

Conventional MRI scanners can require over 1,000 liters of liquid helium for cooling

The company also plans to give an overview of its activities at the Tunu Project – an undertaking that aims to unleash Greenland’s untapped helium potential. Encompassing an area of nearly 3,000km2, the Europe-facing Tunu Project could help satiate the ever-growing global appetite for helium.

Dating back to 1925, historic measurements from thermal springs in the project area indicated predominately nitrogen plus noble gases. Recent gas analyses from these thermal springs have identified helium contents up to 0.8% that are not associated with hydrocarbons.

As well as providing project updates, Pulsar will reveal its long-term objectives, giving industry players the chance to obtain a first-hand insight into the company’s intentions and an idea of where it fits in the global helium industry.

A live Q&A opportunity will also allow viewers to put their own questions to the team.

To find out more details about the upcoming ‘In Conversation With’ webinar and to register, click here.

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