Nippon Gases Europe sees leadership shift: Eduardo Gil steps down, Raoul Giudici takes the helm

Eduardo Gil will step down from his leading role at Nippon Gases Europe and pass on the presidency to current Chairman and Managing Director of Nippon Gases Italy, Raoul Giudici.

Giudici will take over as Executive Vice President with immediate effect as he plans to work in partnership with Gil until July 1st, when he will take over as President.

According to Nippon Gases, Gil has played a pivotal role in the transition process by selecting Giudici, who he praised as the ‘right next leader’ for the company.

“I am looking forward to seeing how this company continues with its excellent performance in the coming years, which will be very challenging,” said the outgoing President.

Having dedicated over 40 years to the company, the industry veteran leaves behind a lasting legacy at Nippon Gases, which saw him oversee the establishment of the Nippon Gases Europe name.

And legacy was the operative word for the incoming Giudici, who praised Gil’s tenure, saying, “Eduardo leaves us a great legacy, a legacy that will be a motivation for all of us to do even better in the future. And that is the legacy that I intend to take on.”

Fresh out of military service, Gil began his journey into the world of industrial gases in 1981 when he joined Argon S.A, a 50/50 joint venture between Union Carbide and Spanish shareholders.

He was appointed as Director of Marketing at the same company in 1992, the same year in which Union Carbide acquired the Spanish part and coincidentally spun-off the industrial gases business, including the Spanish company. 

This spun-off business was called Praxair. Gil previously held the position of President at Praxair Europe when it was taken over by Japan’s Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (now Nippon Sanso Holdings Group) in 2018 and rebranded as Nippon Gases.

Gil’s presidency has also seen him head-up the 2022 launch of the company’s bold carbon neutrality strategy, titled ‘We enable a carbon-neutral world’ – a campaign that targets a number of big projects and initiatives that position the company towards a carbon-neutral world.

The campaign has seen the company make sustainability a core component of its business model and, although the bar is set high for Giudici, the Italian side of the business has already been involved in major decarbonisation-focused projects that focus on closing the loop using the company’s circular economy model.

As Nippon Gases Europe continues to drive forward its mission of enabling a carbon-neutral world, the transition of leadership from industry stalwart Gil to incoming President Giudici mirrors the company’s commitment to pursuing a smooth energy transition.

“This leadership transition marks a new chapter for Nippon Gases, indicating a future focused on excellence under Giudici’s direction,” stated the company.

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