Novair, American Oxygen launch ‘game-changing’ NASA-backed ionic oxygen technology

On-site oxygen and nitrogen technology manufacturer Novair and American Oxygen will jointly develop and market a new plug-and-play ionic oxygen generator, a solution that Novair calls ‘the greatest technological innovation in air gases since the invention of cryogenic distillation.’

Originally developed by American Oxygen alongside NASA for use by astronauts on the International Space Station, the ionic oxygen generator produces ultra-pure oxygen (from 99.99% to 99.99999%) from ambient air.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the design of a first demonstrator to produce medical oxygen on Earth.

The technology works by selectively isolating oxygen atoms and the oxygen produced is generated under pressure without the need for a compressor.

“At a time when access to high-purity oxygen has proved crucial for many activities in healthcare, research and industry, we are delighted to be partnering with American Oxygen,” said Bernard Zenou, Chairman of Novair.

“It will enable us to reach a new milestone, giving as many people as possible access to a revolutionary innovation that enables the on-site production of ultra-pure oxygen using a reliable, easy-to-use device.”

©Novair. The company’s existing range of oxygen solutions.

According to Novair, the technology could eliminate dependence on liquid or bottled gas deliveries and ‘disrupt’ the air gases market.

“Together with Novair, the world’s leading supplier of oxygen generators, we are very proud to bring to market this new oxygen production technology, which will provide access to high-purity oxygen for all industries and hospitals, everywhere in the world,” said Dale Taylor, President of American Oxygen.

A growing market

Estimated at nearly $70bn, the global oxygen market is expected to grow year-on-year by more than 9% to reach over $125bn by 2028.

In addition to its use in healthcare, the gas is used in a range of industries for its combustion, oxidation and fermentation properties.

There is also growing demand for pure oxygen in laboratories, fibre optics and semiconductor manufacturing.

While not as well-known as traditional oxygen markets, the ionic oxygen market has seen growth due to its unique properties.

The gas is used in commercial and residential air purifiers and industrial air treatment and can lead to the formation of ozone – a product used in water treatment, the food and beverage industry, healthcare and other industrial applications.

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