Pulsar Helium discovers promising gas section in Minnesota

Pulsar Helium has received the wireline log interpretation from Asia-Pacific Formation Evaluation Services for the Jetstream #1 appraisal well at the Topaz helium project in Minnesota.

The helium exploration and production firm confirmed today (25th March) that the analysis found a section filled mostly with gas, stretching from 1,650 to 2,200 feet deep, which has areas that could be good for production due to their ability to let fluids pass through.

Drilling observations and log data interpretation suggest the presence of permeable zones in the form of fractures and/or vuggy porosities within the host igneous rock. More detailed analysis will be done as Jetstream #1 is being prepared for tests to check pressure and flow.

Thomas Abraham-James, President and CEO of Pulsar Helium, said, “We are delighted to receive these initial positive results from the well and we are acquiring the complementary wireline log data, pressure and flow tests as well as the addition lab results as part of our ongoing testing programme.”

News of the wireline log results follows Pulsar Helium earlier this month receiving gas sample tests from its Jetstream #1 appraisal well in Minnesota, revealing helium contents of up to 13.8%.

The results came from one of eleven samples, specifically taken from a depth of 1,801 feet at the Topaz Project.

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Speaking to gasworld recently, Thomas Abraham-James, President and CEO of Pulsar Helium, said the company is at the right place at the right time.

He expanded, “High concentrations mean less overall gas needs to be processed, creating operational efficiency. It also may mean fewer production wells are required to support a production facility. The Topaz project offers the potential to be a low-cost, reliable helium source.”

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