Source: Technip Energies
Source: Technip Energies

Technip Energies unit awarded EPF contract by Carbon Centric for Norway project

Technip Energies’ fully owned Norwegian entity KANFA – together with Shell Catalysts & Technologies – has been awarded the Engineering, Procurement, and Fabrication (EPF) contract by Carbon Centric for a carbon capture unit project in Rakkestad, Norway.

The project will be designed to capture ten thousand tonnes per year of carbon dioxide (CO2), which represents >90% of CO2 emissions from the Rakkestad waste incineration plant run by Østfold Energi.

The CO2 will be purified and liquified, prepared for loading on trucks. The delivery also contains heat integration and energy optimisation, and the plant will be owned and operated by Carbon Centric.

The Carbon Centric Rakkestad project is going to use the Canopy C10, a solution of Technip Energies Carbon Capture range of solutions Canopy by T.ENTM powered by Shell CANSOLV®.

Previously, KANFA has delivered several carbon capture pilots to various customers. The C10 capture plant is modularised and takes advantage of KANFA’s decades of experience in the deliveries of modular process systems.

This project is also the first plant delivered under the collaboration between Carbon Centric and KANFA where ‘capture-as-a-service’ offering is presented to small-scale emitters.

The Rakkestad project demonstrates that modular carbon capture enables cost-efficient carbon capture for even the smaller incinerators.

Christophe Malaurie, Senior Vice President of Decarbonisation Solutions, Technip Energies, said it is deploying leading technologies, and has a proven project delivery track record, in helping clients tackle Net Zero.

GO.H2 by T.EN, a suite of offshore green hydrogen solutions with technology concepts developed by KANFA, Inocean, Genesis and T.EN, involving a 50 MW Hydrogen production unit and a 200 MW shipshape Ammonia FPSO, received AiP from DNV last year.

Kenneth Juul, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder, Carbon Centric, said it marks the “first of many” carbon capture plants Carbon Centric will build, own and operate.

He said, “We currently have an additional three plants under development. Our model reduces the risk for emitters and even removes the financial burden. This is clearly interesting for many emitters. We welcome potential partners across Europe to visit this plant in Norway next year, to discuss possibilities for collaboration.”

Technip Energies and Shell Catalysts & Technologies have a strategic alliance to collaborate on the marketing, licensing, and execution of projects using Shell’s CANSOLV® * CO2 Capture System technology.

This alliance, which began in 2012, allows them to better respond to the rapidly growing carbon capture and storage (CCS) market and the need for affordable and proven solutions.

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