White paper from CO2Meter outlines best practices in cryogenic liquids

With the use of cryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen, helium or oxygen only increasing, and all requiring careful handling and adherence to specific guidelines and procedures, CO2Meter has released a timely white paper into cryogenic best practices.

Cryogenic liquids are used across medical applications, the pharmaceuticals sector, food preservation techniques, and for research and development purposes, to name just a few users.

In fact, such is the applications demand, the new white paper cites the cryogenic industry as expected to expand at an annual growth rate of over 5%. Likewise, it cites cryogenic equipment market growth to a value of around $17.4bn by 2027.

With this, comes potential cryogenic workplace hazards, ranging from frostbite or cold burns when handling cryogenic liquids through to possible liquid leaks and resulting accidents or asphyxiation.

These are exactly the kind of potential hazards that CO2Meter has long been working hard to help industries avoid.

Since 2006, CO2Meter has worked to provide customers with quality gas detection devices and solutions across industries worldwide. While its company name is CO2Meter, its technologies and solutions encompass a wide range of gases including oxygen, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methane, and many others.

Often identified as a leading source in gas detection, its proven gas sensing solutions are recognised by its customers, partners, and distributors as ‘high performing’ and ‘reliable’ as well as ‘easily integrated’.

Indeed, Ryan Drumm, Projects Manager at Correct Cryogenics, told gasworld, “We appreciate all the support that we gain from companies like CO2Meter and their solutions that provide oxygen deficiency monitoring to ensure safety in the field for our customers.”

CO2Meter has now launched a new white paper that delivers critical insights that help users to educate themselves on the hazards associated with cryogenic liquids and safety best practices to protect staff and the establishment/company – and it’s available to all via gasworld’s White Papers platform.

The white paper from delivers insights into:

  • Cryogenic applications across industry
  • The importance of gas safety
  • Hazards associated with cryogenic liquids
  • Cryogenic liquids standards and regulations
  • The importance of measuring for oxygen depletion
  • Gas detection solutions in the industry.

It also provides key considerations as part of a ‘Cryo safety 101’ and a discussion around fixed versus portable gas detection technologies.

For more information and how to download the new white paper, visit www.gasworld.com/white-papers.

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