Strandmøllen has purchased one of Denmark’s first privately-owned Fuel Cell Vehicles, thus taking co-responsibility for the future progress of sustainable transport.

The company is also unveiling its hydrogen fuelling station, next to its air separation plant on the Danish island of Fyn, where Strandmøllen operates Denmark’s only electrolysis plant for the production of sustainable hydrogen. Hydrogen is a strong alternative to fossil fuels in cars. Especially now as the years to come, it will be possible to refuel across vast areas of Denmark, in connection with Strandmøllen’s partnership with OK a.m.b.a. and H2 Logic A/S. It is, therefore, natural to go one step further and establish Strandmøllens own hydrogen station, as well to start the switch from fossil fuels to Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV).

“Here at Strandmøllen, we are convinced that Fuel Cell Vehicles will make a breakthrough in the Danish market over the coming years. In the long-term, we believe that private car owners will also choose to buy Fuel Cell Vehicles. With our investment in hydrogen cars and more hydrogen fuelling stations, we hope to be part of kick-starting this breakthrough,” says Strandmøllen’s Market Director, Lars Laursen.

Up until now, a number of Fuel Cell Vehicles have been bought by Danish municipalities for use by home care. Strandmøllen will thus be one of the first private companies in the country to drive Fuel Cell Vehicles.

A couple of weeks ago, Strandmøllen reported its partnership with OK a.m.b.a. and H2 Logic A/S and the establishment of hydrogen fuelling stations in Denmark. The newly-launched company, Danish Hydrogen Fuel A/S, has planned on building five hydrogen fuelling stations in Denmark by the end of 2016. In order to speed up the launch, Strandmøllen has already built their hydrogen fuelling station, next to the air separation plant in Ejby.

“Besides expanding our business in the industrial and medical gas market, we are very proud to be involved in building up an infrastructure for hydrogen fuelling. Therefore we find it natural that, in addition to our partnership in Danish Hydrogen Fuel, we have kick-started the process by establishing our own hydrogen fuelling station. We find it important and want to take our share of the responsibility for creating a climate-friendly transport, and to help in caring for the environment,” says Strandmøllen’s Managing Director, Alex Buendia.

Strandmøllen’s hydrogen car, a Hyundai ix35, is the first series-produced Fuel Cell Vehicle on the market. The fuel capacity of the hydrogen car makes it possible to drive 600km before the need to refuel. Strandmøllen’s Hyundai ix35 will be used by Strandmøllen’s employees.

We are incredibly pleased that Strandmøllen has chosen to invest in hydrogen technology. When a serious market player makes this kind of statement, it highlights the obvious potential of the technology. We are very proud of the chance to deliver an ix35 hydrogen car to Strandmøllen and are pleased with the trust this shows in Hyundai during the roll-out programme as regards the infrastructure, says Søren Møller Pedersen, Sales Manager at Hyundai Bil Import A/S.