Composite pipe technology specialist Strohm has signed a deal with specialty chemicals company Evonik that will enable the development and use of Strohm’’s Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP)  technology and unidirectional Carbon Fibre PA12 tape ‘VESTAPE PA12-CF’ (PA12).

Announced today (13th June), the agreement will see the two long-term collaborators working together to advance the non-corrosive, carbon neutral green hydrogen transportation solution. 

Designed for offshore wind developers, the solution has been qualified by ratings agency DNV for dynamic and static hydrogen services for up to 30 years. 

Currently in use by energy operators in North and South America, the memorandum of understanding (MoU) will enable the partners to utilise the technology for use in hydrogen applications. 

Notoriously more difficult to transport than conventional gases, hydrogen requires specialist transport solutions. 

By collaborating on the fatigue resistant PA12 technology, the partners hope to bring to market the non-metallic, corrosion resistant TCP for surface to seabed dynamic hydrogen transport for offshore wind to hydrogen applications.

Commenting on the agreement, Martin van Onna, Managing Director, Strohm, said, “We are in the fortunate position as we have seen the success TCP with PA12 is delivering to oil and gas operations around the world.” 

“We are 100% confident in its versatility and ability to support other sectors and its suitability to transport green hydrogen for offshore wind is just one application that will help drive the energy transition.” 

Not prone to hydrogen embrittlement, TCP is considered a proven technology for the oil and gas sector.