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gasworld Magazine

Published monthly, we reach over 140 countries around the world!

gasworld Magazine remains the only truly global publication for the industrial gas community and a growing community of gas users. gasworld magazine is read by engineering, business and application managers, country, regional and global managers, senior VPs and CEOs across the industry and it is the clear brand leader for the global business. Your subscription will include:

  • Current news and views from across the regions
  • Technology and product updates
  • Finance news and comment
  • Information from our Business Intelligence Unit
  • Features and hot topics of discussion
  • Interviews from leaders in our industry

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gasworld (US edition)

Published monthly, the gasworld US edition (formerly CryoGas International) is the most read publication on the industrial gases business across North America, promoting the growth, technologies and economic health of the North American industrial, medical and specialty gases industries through fair, accurate and timely reporting.

gasworld (US edition) reaches the majority of gas distributors across the region and, is read by the gas producers and suppliers, together with the equipment manufacturers that support the world’s largest industrial gases market.

  • Current news and views from across the US, Canada and Mexico
  • Technology and product updates
  • Finance news and comment
  • Exclusive gas market reports and distributor surveys
  • Business Intelligence and data that matters to your business
  • High-profile interviews with industry decision-makers
  • Features about technologies, applications, safety and gas operations
  • Event coverage

Read more about the rebranding of CryoGas International to gasworld (US edition) here

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Unlimited Online Access *

The gasworld website provides unlimited access to news, features, interviews, live reporting from industry events, and much more ...

You can choose either North American, or global access! Whichever you choose, you will have access to instant news. With around 30,000 sessions a month, and 34% of visitors from North America – gasworld online is clearly the centre for industrial gas information.

Online access provides the subscriber with fantastic added value to more news, stories, features, interviews, archives dating back to 2009. Online subscription provides access to digital magazines of gasworld magazine,gasworld (US edition) and Specialty Gas Report.

Online access provides:

  • A choice to access North American and/or global news, features, interviews and information
  • Unlimited access 24 hours a day
  • Online archive of articles
  • Access to a range of public and subscriber-only newsletters.

*Please not this does not include access to Business Intelligence materials

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Digital Archives

As part of our digital offering to our readers, our monthly magazines are converted to page-flickable digital magazines which can be viewed on your computer, laptop or tablet.

  • Archives back to 2013 (gasworld) and 2009 (CryoGas International)
  • Access instantly, no postage delays
  • Packed with news, features and interviews
  • View the complete print magazine online
  • Create bookmarks and add comments

Corporate Subscriptions

In today’s fast paced world, businesses are using gasworld and Specialty Gas Report to stay at the forefront of the industrial gases industry. A corporate subscription will help your organisation to make better informed decisions by understanding what is happening today, and how it is impacting tomorrow. All our publications offer invaluable news and insights into the world of industrial gas, helping your business to anticipate market shifts, avoid risks, spot opportunities, and make the right decisions. With a corporate subscription get added benefits of:

  • Simple and hassle-free purchasing under one single contract.
  • A flexible and cost-effective way of accessing content with up to 50% savings.
  • Gain a competitive edge by keeping your workforce up-to-date with the latest market information.

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Business Intelligence

gasworld BI is the primary portal for business information and analysis, on a global scale, about the commercial industrial gases industry. Whether it be for global market breakdowns and overviews of 90+ country and regions, in depth single country and regional reports or quarter-by quarter financial analysis – gasworld BI will help you to inform and grow your business.

  • Industrial Gas Market Reports - Annually updated, detailed research and analysis of the industrial gas market in the country or region)
  • Country Dashboards - Online overviews of the main gas market indicators based on our country reports, including gas company market shares, supply mode breakdowns and the value share of each gas in each market.
  • Financial Reports - Long form analysis of each quarter’s financial activity. Detailed analysis of each major players performance and the state of the market.
  • Financial Dashboards - Our online financial dashboard service is based on our financial reports. These are less detailed than our reports but provide an instant and cost-effective method to receive our key summary analysis.

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