MOCON Inc. of the US, a leading manufacturer of instrumentation equipment, has announced that its Lippke division recently broke ground for a new headquarters building in Neuwied, Germany.

The new 8,400 square foot structure will be located within a mile of the present facility and will boast 50% more space as it houses office, laboratory and warehousing functions and will enable the company to better meet the requirements of its customer base.

Franz Sturm, Managing Director of Lippke, commented, “We expect to move into our new headquarters in September. The additional space and modern structural features will help us better serve our customer’s needs.”

In addition to representing MOCON’s instrumentation products to the European market, Lippke also markets testing equipment worldwide under its own, well-established brand and is known for its blister and leak/seal strength testing units, among others.

MOCON itself is a leading provider of instrumentation and consulting and laboratory services to medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries worldwide.