The annual Dalian-city and Iwatani International’s welding skill competition was a huge success.

The eighth competition, organised by the city and the industrial giant, was originally established to mark the 25th anniversary of the normalisation of the relations between Japan and China and to promote the improvement in the skills of Dalian welders.

This year the competition was attended by over 3000 participants from 40 companies. The participants competed not only in the areas of theory, skill and knowledge but the evaluators also judged their qualifications in the sense of leadership skills.

Since the first competition in 1997, over 20.000 technicians have participated in the competition. According to KK Gas Review, the locals believe the event has contributed significantly to the development of the local industry.

Since 2002, the Welding Technology Interchange Association has also been holding a Welding Technology Seminar and Welding Skill Competition in the city twice a year.