An air separation plant (ASU) with a nominal capacity of 40,000 Nm3/h of oxygen has been successfully commissioned in Shouguang city of Shandong province, China recently.

Built for Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Co Ltd by Hangzhou Fortune Engineering Co. Ltd, the plant achieved all the required technical parameters as specified in the contract.

Start-up on 26th November produced 37,000 Nm3/h of oxygen with a purity of 99.89%, and 51,300 Nm3/h of nitrogen with a purity of 2.71 parts-per-million (ppm).

Fortune Engineering Group said in a statement that the ASU was a significant milestone achieved in the history of the company, and also an important step of the company in the large-scale air separation plants sector.

Shandong Molong is a listed company specialised in the manufacturing of pipes and machinery for the oil and petroleum industry.