The clock has just passed 1pm local Chilean time and enthusiastic gas world delegates have retired to the poolside gardens of the Sheraton Santiago Hotel & Convention Centre, for a lavish lunch break sponsored by Inox India.

Day Two has played host to an array of different presentations, all linked by one common theme - Technology and Operational Efficiency Trends.

Dr Roy Irani opened the platform for Discussion and Debate as he explored the world of CNG cylinder technology and developments in cylinder safety testing, followed by a presentation from Weldcoa’s charismatic Hector Villarreal who reviewed Cylinder Filling Optimization.

Dr Irani stressed the increasing importance of CNG and other alternative fuels as the energy landscape continues to evolve, but furthermore, the importance of safely storing these gases.

He commented, “I think there’s a lot of prospects for the future for alternative fuels. For the past six months I’ve been writing for gasworld about alternative fuels, CNG, hydrogen and others and one of the challenges in recent years has been the storage of these gases.”

Cylinder optimisation
Villarreal meanwhile, pointed out the merits of cylinder filling optimisation and demonstrated just how far ahead of the game Weldcoa is. Accompanying a lively and engaging presentation, he said, “Today, we’re going to talk about a number of items. You cannot talk about optimisation without covering Palletisation. It’s faster, it’s safer, it’s more cost-effective. It’s absolutely the right thing to do.”

“Delivery of equipment is also extremely important. We bag it, we tag it, and we ship it in a modular package like this.”

Also covering the subject of cylinders and cylinder-filling, a presentation from Specialty Gas Report’s Henry ‘Hank’ Grieco then followed, as he emphasised the significance of purity of gases and the environment (cylinder) they are stored in.

Grieco urged, “The cylinder that you put the gas into is the most important thing. How do we get to make better purity of gases? It’s all in the cylinder, the philosophy is - that if you make the cylinder cleaner and drier than the gases you put in it, the gas will actually get better.”

“Purity is king, you’ve got to get that cylinder pure. You need to make sure your supplier is providing you with the gases at the right purity you need.”

During the morning’s second session, prominence was placed on a number of suggestions or recommendations from cryogenic equipment producers and distributors.

Arturo Martinez, of Cryogenic Industries, explained how cryogenics have a major role to play in the development of LNG and other alternative fuels. Martinez also cautioned however, that there needs to be a long-term commitment and understanding change is difficult. Furthermore, traditional markets cannot be expected to disappear and it is simply that competition will increase.

VRV’s Jan Van Houwoven also had some sentiments of caution when discussing Cryogenic Equipment Developments, and offered key safety suggestions from the VRV Group.

Presentations from Carlos Pinelo of Chart Inc. and Cryostar’s Sebastien Prat provided the finale to a successful morning’s enterprise, offering their respective insights into the optimisation of cryogenic pumping processes and mini/micro bulk technology.

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