Air Liquide has revealed that its Combined Shareholders' Meeting has successfully taken place in France and all proposed resolutions have been passed by shareholders, representing 44.2% of the voting rights.

The meeting, chaired by Chairman and CEO Benoît Potier in the presence of the members of the board, was attended by 4,426 people on 7th May at the Palais des Congrès in Paris and the proposed dividend of €2.25 per share (up 12.5% on 2007) to be distributed on 19th May was approved.

Shares held in registered form continuously from 31st December 2005 to 19th May 2008, the payment date of the dividend, will attract a bonus dividend of 10%, while in addition, the allocation of one bonus share for every ten shares held will take place on 9th June 2008.

The meeting also renewed the term of office of Professor Rolf Krebs as a Director, and appointed two new Directors, Ms Karen Katen and Mr Jean-Claude Buono, for a period of 4 years. At the Board Meeting which followed, Klaus Schmieder and Pierre Dufour were confirmed in their functions as Senior Executive Vice-Presidents.

Commenting on the 2007 financial year and growth forecasts, Potier noted, “Group growth accelerated throughout 2007 and is a perfect illustration of Air Liquide's ability to combine rapid growth with financial soundness. This favorable change is based on strong geographic positions, growth markets, and on a strengthened technology portfolio.”

In conclusion, Potier also noted “the close relations Air Liquide enjoys with its shareholders who share the company's long-term values and support its development throughout the world over the long term.”

The group made a further announcement too, declaring the creation of the Air Liquide Foundation, which will have an international mission with a role in scientific research in the fields of environmental protection and respiratory functions. It will also support micro-initiatives in regions in the world where the group is present.