The Linde Group presented its mobile hydrogen fuelling unit, the TraiLH2, at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in September and demonstrated its commitment to the clean fuels of the future.

Showcasing its innovative technologies together with automobile manufacturers DaimlerChysler and BMW, Linde wowed visitors with its presentation of refuelling a car with liquid or gaseous hydrogen.

As well as providing a team of experts ‘on-hand’ to answer questions and discuss the future of hydrogen technologies, Linde amazed and intrigued spectators with its refuelling demonstration. As an international market leader for hydrogen systems, The Linde Group believes it has a responsibility to drive the realisation of hydrogen-based, long-term mobility and considered its participation at this year’s IAA event as hugely important.

Reflecting on the show afterwards, the German industrial gases company considered its participation not just significant but also a success. Speaking exclusively to gasworld, Dr. Joachim Wolf, executive director of Hydrogen Solutions, The Linde Group, explained this sentiment and underlined the importance of hydrogen.

“Hydrogen is the fuel of the future. With hydrogen, we will power the vehicles of tomorrow – sustainably and without harmful emissions. Many visitors were fascinated by the idea of driving a car which only releases water vapour into the atmosphere,” commented Dr. Wolf.

He continued, “As a global market leader in hydrogen plants, Linde have a particular responsibility to make hydrogen-powered sustainable mobility a reality. Linde’s involvement in this year’s IAA, with the motto ‘See what is moving tomorrow’, was therefore extremely important.”

With a 1000 litre liquid hydrogen storage capacity and its own fuel cell power source, Linde’s TraiLH2 is ideally suited for a flexible fuel system. The refuelling unit enables the growing number of hydrogen-powered vehicles to remain mobile, even at a time when the infrastructure for hydrogen fuelling stations is still in development, and it is this high level of innovation which stirred such an interest in the group’s involvement at the show in Germany.