A concept which is supporting municipalities in Germany on their path towards a hydrogen economy has successfully completed its first phase.

The HyLand concept offers all regions in Germany the opportunity to make advances on a local stage in the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, regardless of any previous experience.

In the first conceptual phase, which has just ended, 138 municipalities and regions expressed their interest as HyStarters in developing municipal and regional concepts for the integration of hydrogen and fuel cell technology on the basis of renewable sources of energy – especially in the transport sector, but also for heating, power and storage (sector coupling).

In the next phase, nine of these 138 regions will be selected which will receive organisational and technical advice and support in developing the initial concept ideas.

The regions should be characterised by one or more of the following specific properties or potentials: Coastal region (wind energy), lignite mining area (structural change), automotive industry (jobs), metropolitan region (mobility), medium-sized region (willingness to invest) and border region (European networking).

Financing for the regional funding scheme is provided by the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP).

In addition to the HyStarter group, HyLand also focuses on regions that have already gained initial experience with the integration of hydrogen technology or that already want to implement entire concepts. For these so-called HyExperts or HyPerformers, a corresponding competitive phase will begin later in 2019.

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