A 10 day summer program sponsored by the University of Ulster, the second of its kind, will focus on the methods of harnessing and utilising hydrogen in a safe manner and highlight the importance of the fuel as a future energy source.

In addition to 13 leading experts on hydrogen expected to address participants, there will also be many scientists present, those currently researching hydrogen's potential as an alternative fuel source.

Robert P. Morley, manager of the Hydrogen Safety Programme, said, $quot;Hydrogen is a very clean fuel which reverts back to water when burned. It can be re-used again ad again, making it sustainable and renewable - vital virtues in the modern world when we are running out of traditional fossil fuels.$quot;

Explaining the aims and reasons for the course, Morley noted, $quot;Over the years we have learned how to work safely with dangerous fuel, for example petrol and LPG, and the aim of this Summer School is to bring together all the latest research and safety knowledge on hydrogen and disseminate it as widely as possible to encourage further development.$quot;

Another of the key targets of the event will be to sell the concept of a hydrogen economy to an, at times, doubtful or cautious public, as Morley affirms, $quot;We have to convince the public that hydrogen is both a safe and viable fuel. At UU (University of Ulster) we do a lot of research and modelling into hydrogen safety, for example we examine what happens when hydrogen leaks from pipes or storage vessels.$quot;

Hosted at the university, the second European Summer School event will take place from 30th July to 8th August.