Summit Carbon Solutions has joined forces with Northern Plains Nitrogen (NPN) to decarbonise agriculture and biofuels industries with carbon capture technologies.

Formalising the collaboration on Wednesday (11th Jan), the duo said they want to capture 500,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually from NPN’s world-scale blue ammonia plant in North Dakota, which will supply low carbon nitrogen-based fertilizer products to farmers.

Once captured via Summit Carbon Solutions’ technology, the carbon dioxide will then be transported and stored permanently in central North Dakota, a storage facility which is currently being developed.

Don Pottinger, CEO of NPN, said, “NPN’s plant is being designed with the latest and most efficient production processes in the world. Carbon capture and storage is a significant opportunity to improve economic and environmental outcomes utilising safe and proven technologies.

“By partnering with Summit Carbon Solutions to capture, transport and permanently store carbon dioxide, we will further reduce the carbon intensity of our products. This is a great story for agriculture, and for the state of North Dakota.”

Jim Pirolli, Chief Commercial Officer of Summit Carbon Solutions, added, “NPN and Summit Carbon Solutions share the same goal of lowering the carbon footprint of agriculture while supporting farmers.”

“Whether that’s done by delivering sustainable fertilizer products to enhance yields or by improving access for ethanol plants across the Midwest to premium low carbon fuel markets.”