New Enerday’s competence centre for fuel cells in Neubrandenburg has undergone a name following Sunfire’s acquisition of New Enerday in 2018.

The Neubrandenburg competence centre will now operate under the name Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH. 

Managing directors of the cleantech company are Dr Matthias Boltze and Andrea Frömmel. Frömmel will also remain Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Sunfire in Dresden.

Sunfire Fuel Cells is now advancing a joint platform technology for micro-CHP devices for residential buildings and off-grid power supply.

“With the new structure, we are consolidating Sunfire’s fuel cell activities in Neubrandenburg by creating a centre of excellence for fuel cells that is unique in Germany – both for domestic requirements and for off-grid applications,” said Carl Berninghausen, Sunfire CEO.

Sunfire’s knowledge as a stack supplier and manufacturer of fuel cell heating devices will be combined with New Enerday’s experience with compact highly integrated portable system. Knowledge from Enerday’s former partner Vaillant will also be combined.

Vaillant has paused it CHP activities after the development of the successful 6thgeneration and transferred the existing knowledge to Sunfire.

“The combination of many years of research and development by the three German fuel cell specialists has resulted in the highly attractive solid oxide fuel cell systems that will go into series production at the end of 2019,” Berninghausen said.

New Enerday GmbH was acquired by Sunfire GmbH in Dresden in 2018 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary directed by Dr Matthias Boltze and Andreas Frömmel.