Sunpower Inc., the material analysis division of AMETEK that specialises in cryocooler technology, has released an active vibration cancellation (AVC) system for its CryoTel® MT, and GT cryocoolers.

The AVC system enables Sunpower cryocoolers to be used in new applications that require extremely low vibrations, such as laser cooling, infrared detectors, spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, atomic microscopy, high-temperature superconductivity, neutron beams, space infrared applications and radio telescopes, among others.

These applications are made possible through the AVC systems active balancer which uses a feedback signal from an accelerometer to cancel the first 10 harmonics of the 60 Hz operation of the cryocooler, minimising vibration at the cold tip as well as exported vibration to its mounting structure.

The AVC system includes a controller, an active balancer and an accelerometer, as well as the necessary cabling for power and instrumentation. The controller drives both the cryocooler and the active balancer.

Sunpower AVC (Active Vibration Cancellation) System

Sunpower AVC (Active Vibration Cancellation) System

Source: Sunpower