After previously warning of rises in cylinder costs this summer, Worthington Cylinders has recently announced a price increase on all of its Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kits.

Prices will advance 6% with shipments on after 1st November 2007 and reflect both the growing demand for helium and the supply shortage which is currently posing difficulties throughout so many diverse industries.

Dusty McClintock, vice president of sales of Worthington Cylinders, explained, “We have been very successful controlling cost despite increased steel and other raw material increases for many years. However, the current short supply and increased demand for helium has resulted in significantly higher helium prices. As a result, the company is forced to pass on its first price increase to the market in several years.”

The helium kits affected are portable party kits containing a non-refillable helium ‘tank’ and a number of balloons to be filled or blown-up using this helium supply, with the gas provided at almost medical levels of 98% purity.