New technology from Sure Purity enables carbonated beverage manufacturers to upgrade to the latest beverage gas filtration technology, the UK company says.

Carboguard is a development driven by direct feedback from the users of beverage gas filtration systems.

Showcasing many new features, the innovative design provides a high level of protection, is a critical control point for ensuring food safety, it is environmentally advanced and creates real value for the user.

Speaking at the product launch event, Gary Robson, Managing Director of Sure Purity, said, “We are incredibly pleased with the new Carboguard system design. It offers our clients many reasons to buy, with the highest levels of performance, annual operating cost savings of more than 50%, and a 55% reduction in solid waste, with the option to recycle, these are all key reasons why our customers are switching.”

Robson said a major brand owner of carbonated soft drinks has committed to installing Carboguard in all 12 of its bottling plants.

“For over 10 years we were using a filter from their competitor, we were pleased when Sure Purity came along, they respond quickly to our needs, providing great customer service,” said the bottling plant manager.

“The new system gives us many benefits, we only have to change the cartridges once a year now and with only 5 cartridges instead of 12, we have not only slashed our purchasing costs by 57% but also our solid waste by 60%.”

“Our Carboguard system from Sure Purity can be maintained by one person and all the parts we need come in one convenient kit.”