Carbon dioxide (CO2) polishing filter systems manufacturer Sure Purity has been awarded a Queen’s Award for enterprise recognising excellence in international trade.

The UK-based firm was one of 25 organisations nationally to be honoured with the honour.

Founded in 2016, Sure Purity manufactures carbon dioxide polishing filtration systems used by the. beverage industry to prevent contamination of products.

Using a unique technology, the company’s system removes potentially harmful trace impurities from beverage grade CO2.

With contamination resulting in off-flavours, smells and appearance of beverages, and in some instances even leading to food safety recalls, the technology addresses an array of concerns in the beverage industry.

Gary Robson, founder and Managing Director of Sure Purity, said, “Having worked in the global beverage industry for more than 25 years, it was my first-hand experience that led me to develop a business that could address industry concerns over reoccurring food safety issues that arise from contamination.”

For the first 18 months, we invested heavily in our research and development to create a product which could address this and were awarded a contract with two major global brands to develop technology which would support their own manufacturing.”

Robson continued, “It’s an incredible honour to receive an award this prestigious and we’re proud to be flying the flag for the Northeast region. We’re a region that is known for our history of innovation and we’re proud to be continuing this legacy.

“With our industry-leading product, we’re not only helping to protect global brands and their consumers brands from issues of contamination, we are also providing a sustainable way for major brands’ beverage bottling plants to reduce their solid waste by 50%, and in doing so lower their carbon footprint.”