Suretank, the world’s leading provider of engineered solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry, has manufactured Brazil’s largest offshore container for leading trading company CISA Trading S/A.

Commissioned by Brazilian energy giant, Petrobas, the units were manufactured at Suretank Latin America’s state of the art facilities in Caxias do Sul.

Following extensive discussions with the customer, two separate sizes were produced with six units measuring in at 4.3 x 4.3 x 4.5m and eleven units at 4.3 x 4.3 x 3.5m, and all certified to DNV 2.7.3.

Marco Pfeifer, CEO of Suretank Latin America, said, “Offshore cargo carrying units of this scale have never been manufactured in Brazil before and it is fitting that we at Suretank have pioneered the approach and succeeded in this engineering feat. We work closely with CISA´s engineers to help develop solutions that suit their specific requirements and this has been one of the most stimulating and exciting projects in the history of Suretank Latin America.”

“The containers have been collectively named, ‘Mother’s Heart’, a title that the team felt emphasised the effort invested in the project and, from an engineering perspective, the sizeable capacities of the containers.”

Once the CCU’s were completed, the focus shifted from engineering expertise to logistical competence, with special transport required for the delivery of the containers.

Pfeifer continued, “Units of this size can bring challenges from a handling perspective, but with the support of logistics specialists Flecha de Prata the units successfully made the massive 1600km trek from Caxias to Macaé, all within the boundaries of Brazil.”

Edward Karic, Director from CISA Trading, Rental Services Division, added, ” We turned to Suretank for their engineering excellence and experience in manufacturing offshore containers. This successful project is a resounding illustration of Suretank Latin America’s domestically unrivalled engineering aptitude.”

Suretank is a global leader in the supply of tanks and CCUs (Cargo Carrying Units) to the offshore oil and gas industry. The company has design and manufacturing facilities in Ireland, Brazil, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Thailand, UK and USA as well as sales offices in Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria and Norway.