Construction has begun at Svante’s brand-new world headquarters, believed to be Canada’s first-of-a-kind commercial-scale carbon capture and removal manufacturing facility.

Named by the Canadian firm as ‘the centre of excellence for carbon capture and removal’, the site is located in Burnaby, British Columbia and will see the creation of 200 jobs.

It’s fair to say the new location shows exactly how far Svante has grown since its Co-founder and Vice-President of Strategic Accounts and Government Affairs, Brett Henkel, started the company in his garage in 2007.

Speaking on the site, Henkel said, “Here, we’ll employ over 200 British Columbians and many more around the globe.”

“We’ll be able to scale up our commercial manufacturing facilities to deliver filter modules that can capture millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, both from the atmosphere and from industrial flue gas.”

“I’m thrilled at the opportunity we have in front of us today… to make a real, global impact… To take action on climate change.”

As well as being the company’s new headquarters, the site will also be where Svante’s patented filter modules will be produced for the capture of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and from industrial flue gas.

Supporting Svante’s move, Minister Sajjan said, “We make investments in companies like Svante because our government believes in a green future. We know it’s possible to get to Net Zero.”

“We know it is possible to get to net zero while creating jobs. We know it is possible to get to net zero while also growing our economy… Together we can show the world that Svante, British Columbia, and Canada have what it takes to be leaders in carbon capture.”

“This is a big day for Svante. It’s a big day for Burnaby. But it’s also a big day for British Columbia. Svante’s new Centre of Excellence for Carbon Capture and Removal is an outstanding example of innovation here in British Columbia.”

“It’s also an outstanding example of the vision that we share; for building a clean and inclusive economy that works for all British Colombians.”