Carbon capture technology developer Svante will partner with Kiewit, one of the US’s largest construction organisations, to decarbonise industry through carbon capture projects.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two will allow exploration of the potential opportunities presented by industrial carbon capture projects under development by industrial carbon emitter clients in the US and Canada. 

Dubbed the KSI Alliance, the partners will aim to become a ‘one stop shop’ carbon capture solution, providing industries such as cement, refineries, chemicals, steel and ammonia services from construction to project delivery. 

David Claggett, Senior Vice President, Kiewit, said that the partnership will allow Kiewit to leverage its expertise in building carbon capture plants. 

He added, “New technologies have the greatest probability of success when deployed with an integrated project delivery approach by organisations skilled at driving cost and schedule uncertainty.” 

The MoU is hoped to contribute to the world’s net-zero carbon goals, as emphasised heavily at this year’s COP26 summit. 

It is estimated that to meet these goals more than 2,000 carbon capture and carbon removal plants will need to be deployed by 2040. 

Commenting on the company’s efforts to help achieve net-zero, Claude Letourneau, President, CEO, Svante revealed that Kiewit currently has more than 5.5 tonnes per day of installed carbon capture capacity, with 60,000 tonnes per day of FEED (Front End Engineering Design) studies currently underway.