Taiheiyo Cement Corporation will install carbon capture technology at its cement production plan in Kumagaya City, Japan.

Announcing the effort today (21st April), Taiheiyo Cement said the technology will capture carbon from the flue gas of rotary kilns which are used for cement production.

The technology will be supplied by UK-based Carbon Clean, with installations and tests scheduled to begin in September this year.

Taiheiyo Cement has positioned the reduction of CO2 emissions as an important growth strategy and formulated “Specific measures of its long-term vision for greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

In a recent statement, the company said, “It is necessary not only to develop existing technology but to develop innovative technology in order to realise the reduction in CO2 emissions stated in this long-term vision.”

T“he most important project among the innovative technologies that Taiheiyo Cement is currently working on is the development of CO2 capture and carbon recycling technology suitable for cement kilns.”