Showa Denko KK plans to increase production and shipping capacity of high-grade ammonia gas in Taiwan by 20% before the end of the year and is expected to invest almost ¥100m to expand compressed gas cylinder filling capacity at its Taiwan Showa Chemicals Manufacturing Co. site.

The Taiwan site turns commercial ammonia gas into high purity gas used for the manufacturing of LED’s and nitrogen film, but cylinder filling capacity has not kept pace with production capacity, causing the plant to operate inefficiently.

The expansion will boost production and shipping capacity to around 1,200 tpy and increase the plant’s capacity utilisation, with the expanding production helping to meet the growing demand from Taiwan’s LCD, LED and semiconductor manufacturers.

Showa Denko significantly increased chlorine gas production capacity at its Kawasaki plant in Kanagawa Prefecture this year, aiming to boost sales in its specialty gases business to ¥21bn in 2010 – a 75% leap from 2005.