Ten years of research and development at Taiwan’s Feng Chia University has culminated in the institute reaching one of the worlds top biohydrogen production rates, at 15 litres per hour (lph).

Lin Chiu-yu, Dean of the Feng Chia College of Engineering, said at a news conference at the school's campus in Taichung City that the university began efforts in 1998 to use biological organisms to produce hydrogen gas, with the aim of establishing it as a usable source of renewable energy.

The ‘Biomass Energy Pilot Plant’, Taiwan’s first model system for the production of biomass energy, was completed in 2007 and was used to produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide by a fermentation of anaerobes in a liquefied sucrose solution.

Lin noted that the university had reached a world class biomass production rate of 15.09 litres per hour per litre of reactor volume and is experiencing visits from over 40 experts from 15 countries around the world.