As part of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation's (TNSC) long term plans to consolidate the group's various carbon dioxide operations, a merger agreement has been signed between representatives of TNSC and Japan Liquid Carbonics Holding Co. (JLCH).

JLCH is a consolidated holding of TNSC and the new agreement brings the two companies currently under JLCH's umbrella, Nippon Tansan Company and Ekika Carbon Dioxide closer together. The deal was first announced to the public in June 2005 and detailed talks have been ongoing between the management of both companies and the parent group ever since. Total integration between the two is now planned for October 2007.

The business operations of both holdings will now integrate to form a new company called Nippon Ekitan Corporation (NEC). Under the new plans the new company will also take over the carbon dioxide operations of TNSC itself from October 1st.