Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) has invested in US company SulfaTrap LLC, who are engaged in the development of desulphurisation sorbents.

The financial details of this investment were not disclosed, but it is confirmed that with this asset, the Japanese outfit has acquired the global sales right of SulfaTrap’s products in the global market.

SulfaTrap, established in 2012, develop desulphurisation sorbents that remove a variety of sulphur compounds to extremely low levels from natural gas and other hydrocarbons. Through this, the corporation has achieved rapid business expansion in the stationary fuel cell market.

The TNSC Group will use this deal to promote SulfaTrap’s products in the energy field, such as fuel cell generators and in the oil and gas and petrochemicals sectors, to leverage its sales network in the global market. The company aims to create synergies between the industrial gases industry and the sulphur sorbents business to offer new solutions.

In a press release, the North Pacific rim enterprise outlined its objectives for the future, “TNSC will accelerate the open innovation strategy to enhance its portfolio of new businesses, new products and new technologies via venture investments in the field of energy, gas applications, new materials and electronics in the global market.”