Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp. (TNSC) has received the Year 2005 Japan Magnesium Association (JMA) Technology Award, together with Tokai Rika for MG Shield® cover gas.

The JMA Award is given to any individual or organization that has remarkably contributed to the magnesium industry and its industrial development. JMA evaluates each candidate in terms of technology/patents granted and performance/results achieved in the magnesium industry.

TNSC and Tokai Rika jointly developed \\$quot;˜The Practical Application of a New Cover Gas as an Alternative to SF6\\$quot; and as a result received the JMA Technology Award. The principal component of MG Shield is a fluoroketone (FK) based agent that is an environmentally friendly alternative to sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

Traditionally SF6 had been used as a cover gas for preventing magnesium flaring in the magnesium die-casting process. SF6 has a global warming potential 22,200 times that of carbon dioxide. TNSC was actively involved in helping Tokai Rika reduce the amount of SF6 it consumed. As a result MG Shield was developed as an alternative to SF6. It has approximately the same GWP as carbon dioxide (GWP = 1) and can be used in a similar way to SF6, possessing equivalent anti-flaring properties. Tokai Rika\\$quot;s Otoha Plant has had MG Shield in commercial use since October 2005.