AvtoGazTrans, a Samara company, has updated and further developed its equipment provision for the storage and transportation of liquid gases, in-keeping with the ever-evolving needs of the customer.

The Russian company has noted changing trends in the market of late, as the requirements of consumers in the carbon dioxide (CO2) equipment business have taken on new tendencies.

An understanding of this situation is reflected in the technical and marketing strategy of AvtoGazTrans LTD, as special attention is now given to products expansion and development, including tanks for the storage of liquid CO2.

Transportation of liquid with low temperature dioxides of carbon is provided with thermostatic transport tanks and semi-trailer tanks, which now boast updated volumes of 4, 10, 18 and 22m3.

An increasing number of customers are thought to have expressed the desire to complete the semi-trailer tank transport pumping over the station, which is compactly placed directly in the platform of the tank and does not create any inconvenience at operation. The CO2 transfer pump has productivity of 10t/hour and a pressure up to 60 metres.

The line-up of the company’s tanks has replenished recently, while at the same time, in the Asian part of the Russian Federation and also in Kazakhstan, tanks of great volumes (up to 50m3) are used. These appeal to the needs of large supplies of carbonic acid, as the tanks can cater for the remote location of manufacturers.