Indonesian charity, Tanoto Foundation, along with 14 partners, has donated 11,000 units of oxygen concentrators to Indonesian hospitals.

The donation comes after the independent philanthropy organisation donated 500 tonnes of oxygen to hospitals last week.

The distribution of the concentrators are being co-ordinated by the Indonesia Ministry of Health and the first 1,500 units have been delivered to Jakarta, Indonesia from the manufacturer in Shanghai, China today.

One of the partners includes the Temasek Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organisation which has previously partnered with Tanoto Foundation to jointly donate one MGI RNA extraction machine, one PCR testing machine and 10,000 test kits to Indonesia-based social enterprise GSI Lab.

With each unit capable of producing about 10 litres of oxygen per minute, Suryo Pratomo, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Singapore, commented on the action taken to help the Indonesian people, saying, “A global pandemic like Covid-19 requires a global and collective response.”

“We now have a very challenging situation, particularly in Jakarta. For my colleagues and I stationed overseas, we are eager to rally all friends of Indonesia and critical resources to tackle the situation.”

“I am happy that the Indonesian community in Singapore are taking action to help our people in Indonesia.”

Commenting on the partnership, Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive of Temasek Foundation International, said, “As the Covid-19 situation evolves, Temasek Foundation continues to support our friends and neighbours in the region in this fight against the pandemic.”

“We are glad to be able to secure oxygen concentrators for hospitals in Indonesia to provide vital oxygen support to patients.”

Cheong went on to express gratitude towards all partners including Tanoto Foundation.

Satrijo Tanudjojo, Global CEO, Tanoto Foundation, went on to say, “Tanoto Foundation is working hard to help meet the most pressing needs to curb the pandemic in Indonesia.”

“Private sector and philanthropic organisations are important partners in supporting the Indonesia government’s response efforts, and we urge more to come forward to assist in every way possible.”