At its 2007 Analysts Meeting in Philadelphia, Airgas has announced strategic goals for fiscal 2011, intending to achieve more than $5bn in sales and continue to build on the company’s solid financial profile.

The Radnor-based enterprise has set strategic targets for fiscal 2011 of more than $5bn on sales, operating margins of 13-15% and return on capital of 15-15.5%. Providing value for its customers has been a key factor for the US industrial, medical and specialty gases distributor and this approach is expected continue in the company’s plans for the coming years.

Peter McCausland, Airgas chairman and CEO, commented, “The strategic approach that we have taken to develop our infrastructure has created tremendous value for our customers. By providing an outstanding platform of products and services, including packaged and bulk gases, welding hardgoods, safety supplies, and contractor equipment with our Red-D-Arc rental welders and related equipment, our customers know that they can look to Airgas for everything their job requires.”

The company’s commitment to continued improvement is further underlined by senior vice president and chief financial officer Bob McLaughlin, who also assured of Airgas’ ability to meet its targets.

“We will continue to build on our solid financial profile, focused on the key metrics that drive shareholder value, and an operating culture committed to continuous process improvement. We have a proven track record of executing on strategic objectives,” McLaughlin said.

Reinforcing Airgas’ dedication to customer value and noting the company’s progress in extending its services beyond basic products, executive vice president and chief operating officer Mike Molinini highlighted the ability to provide engineered solutions for customers needs.

Molinini commented, “At Airgas, it is not just about the molecules. We are distinguishing ourselves by developing solutions to complex customer problems, further enhancing our value to our customers.”